Sadie Saunders

Comics, Design & Animation

Spilled  Milk

& Other Reasons to Cry at Work
Spilled Milk is an auto-biography about Sadie, a woman in her 20’s working at a cafe–The Village Coffeehouse. Sadie is a guarded young woman who’s been struggling with her health, identity and finding a stable income. She ends up finding a barista job through an old friend. Confident she won’t stay long at this job, Sadie is surprised when Village Coffee turns out to be a place with a complex cast of characters, including fellow artists, difficult customers, and an arrogant boss. Sadie must navigate a mixture of mundane and absurd situations with her newfound friends who challenge her to grow into a more confident and thoughtful person. By the end of her six years at the shop, she realizes that her little community functions as a transient space between people and where they’re meant to be.